IB (MYP & DP) Subjects
We offer private sessions on various IB subjects. MeritPlus helps IB students build test-day confidence, pay attention to details, and improve their studying skills and productivity. We take a task-oriented approach to tutoring by providing students with concrete advices and help on how to improve the specific tasks they are working on. Special emphasis will be put on enhancing students’ argumentation, communication, and presentation skills.
IGCSE Subjects
The tutors at MeritPlus are specialists who have extensive experience with students who are preparing for the Cambridge International Examinations. Our highly trained staff confidently trains students to improve their test-taking competence, using a variety of proven studying strategies and memorization techniques.
AP Subjects
We encourage ambitious students aiming to study at world-renowned universities to prepare for AP (Advanced Placement) courses at an early stage. MeritPlus helps these students by first establishing a strong academic foundation and then encouraging high-level academic thinking.
We have qualified and passionate teachers that are able to help students from Hong Kong local schools to perform excellently in the HKDSE examinations.
Language Courses
All language tutors at Meritplus are native speakers of the language they teach; current language offerings include English, Putonghua, German, French, Spanish and Japanese. Our experienced teachers cater to all ability levels, from beginners to native proficiency.
We appreciate those students with a talent for visual art. Our art tutor is a professional artist and has years of experience fostering his students’ interest, passion and talent in art.
Standard Tests are required for applying to boarding schools or colleges; many students require individual training to achieve outstanding test results in a short period of time. MeritPlus offers test-based training with a concentration on the students’ individual challenges.