MeritPlus Learning Centre provides tutoring services, primarily on a one-to-one basis, to international- and local-school students over a wide range of subjects. MeritPlus provides a warm and welcoming learning environment, where each student receives tailored tuition lessons from our talented, attentive staff. Through our individualized approach, MeritPlus students excel in an increasingly competitive society, and face challenges with ease and confidence.

Meliora mereris — Latin for “You deserve better”— is both our motto and our promise to you. We know that every student comes to us with a unique set of abilities and challenges, and our job is to first understand a student’s unique learning style. In this way, MeritPlus serves students from every background and ability; we understand that no two students learn in the same way. From knowledge acquisition and memorization to study skills and test-taking techniques, we assist our students in every part of their academic journey.